26 Materials Needed:

Walnut Hollow 9 inch x 12 inch Wood French Corner 104447299 (Cherry Blossom), Nicole Crafts Punch It 1 inch Paper Punch Flower 104799199 (Cherry Blossom), Sharpie Permanent Fine Point Marker Brown 10038627 (Cherry Blossom), Walnut Hollow Wood Heart 104447279 (Forsythia), DecoArt Americana Burnt Umber Acrylic Paint 104106679 (Forsythia), Nicole Crafts Lemon Yellow 12 inch x 12 inch Cardstock 104059184 (Forsythia), Nicole Crafts Foamtastic Sheet 9 inch x 12 inch in White 104258585 (Forsythia), Nicole Crafts Punch It 1-1/2 inch Paper Punch Flower 104825376 (Forysthia), Authentique 12 inch x 12 inch Paper Pad Grace Strength 104781932, DecoArt Americana Acrylic Paint 2 oz. Light Buttermilk 104106610, Nicole Crafts 45 inch Twig Branch 104739194 (2), Nicole Crafts Construction Paper 9 inch x 12 inch Assorted Colors 100 pc. 104135807, Nicole Crafts 20 inch x 26 inch Tissue Paper Assorted Colors 100 pc. 104127663, Plaid Mod Podge Waterbase Sealer Glue and Finish 8 oz. Matte 104107932, Nicole Crafts Dual Temperature Trigger Glue Gun 104180411, Surebonder All Purpose Stik Glue Sticks 4 inch 50 pc. 104737928, Beacon Quick Grip All-Purpose Permanent Adhesive 2 oz. 104290188, Aleene's Original Tacky Glue 4 oz. 104148018, Daler-Rowney Simply Simmons Synthetic Acrylic and Multi Media Brush Liner Size 1 104118916, Panacea 8 inch Heavy Duty Wire Cutters 104455865, Sandpaper, Drill, Toothpicks, Ruler, Pencil, Scissors

About this Project

Tackle paper flowers with ease!

  • 1
    Project time does not include drying time.
  • 2
    Use sandpaper on wood plaque to smooth out any rough surfaces.
  • 3
    Mark points 4 inch (Cherry Blossom) down, 2 inch (Forsythia) down and 1-1/2 inch in from both sides of the wood plaque towards the center for our branch antlers. Drill 1/4 inch size holes on a downward diagonal towards the back about 1-1/2 inch deep. Be sure not to drill through the wood.
  • 4
    Place wood plaque face down on back side of decorative cardstock. Trace around the edge that lays flat on surface and cut.
  • 5
    Paint the edge of wood plaque in Light Buttermilk and let dry.
  • 6
    Apply Mod Podge to the plaque and attach cardstock.
  • 7
    We will have to find the holes now that they are covered. Use your finger to find the hollow spot of the holes and then use a toothpick to poke through.
  • 8
    Take a section from each twig branch for antlers, cut off with wire cutters.
  • 9
    Apply a little bit of Quick Grip glue into the holes and insert the branches.
  • 10
    Now we will make some cherry blossom flowers to decorate our antlers! Use the 1 inch flower punch on White construction paper. We will also be using Pink tissue paper. It is better to layer the tissue paper because a single layer is too thin to punch out. A cherry blossom will have two flowers out of tissue paper and one from construction paper.
  • 11
    One tissue paper flower will be the bud, use a Brown marker to make dots on the petals. The foam sheet will be our mat. Gently press center of flower with the back end of paintbrush, hold petals and apply tacky glue to the bottom of where the paintbrush sticks out. Then press it onto the center of the other tissue paper flower and let dry.
  • 12
    Again, press the center of the flowers and apply tacky glue to attach to construction paper flower and let dry.
  • 13
    Let's give the cherry blossom more dimensions by again using the back end of the paintbrush and pressing between the layers at the bud.
  • 14
    Once you have your cherry blossoms made, attach them to the branches with hot glue. Shape them in the form of antlers and your cherry blossom wall art is ready to be hung!
  • 15
    Now we will make some forsythia flowers to decorate our antlers! Use the 1-1/2 inch flower punch on the Lemon Yellow cardstock. Use the back end of paintbrush to curl the edges of the petals.
  • 16
    Dab a little bit of Burnt Umber paint with a foam pouncer to the center of the flower.
  • 17
    With a 1 inch x 1 inch piece of Yellow tissue paper, crumble it up into a small ball and attach with tacky glue to the center for the bud.
  • 18
    Once you have your forsythia flowers made, attach them to the branches with hot glue. Shape them in the form of antlers and your cherry blossom wall art is ready to be hung!