22 Materials Needed:

Woodline Works Wood Crate Large 104148678, Nicole Crafts Wood Flat Knob with Screws 2 inch 104751964(4), Lara’s Crafts New Image Company 1 inch Wood Block 13 pc. 104139796, •17-7/8 inch x 12-1/2 inch Piece of Wood, Poly-Fil Traditional 45 inch x 60 inch Quilt Batting Needle Pinched Polyester 104238507, Fairfield Processing Poly-fil Fiber 12 oz. 104236978, Fabric Editions 1/2 yard Assorted Grays 104678703, Nicole Crafts Trim-it 1-1/2 foot Faceted Bead Facing Crystal 104788120 (4), Nicole Crafts Trim-it 3 foot Crochet Trim White 104787998, Plaid FolkArt Home Dcor Chalk Paint 8 oz. Cascade 104811088, Plaid FolkArt Home Dcor Chalk Paint 8 oz. White Adirondack 104811072, Plaid FolkArt Medium 8 oz. Crackle 104114047, Plaid FolkArt Home Dcor 8 oz. Wax Clear 104811102, Easyshot Staple Gun 104157022, Daler-Rowney Simply Simmons Synthetic Acrylic and Multi Media Brush Flat Shader Size 12 104118907, Beacon FABRIC-TAC Permanent Adhesive 4 oz. 104256721, Beacon Quick Grip All-Purpose Permanent Adhesive 2 oz. 104290188, Best-Test Quality Super Spray Adhesive 11 oz. 104131677, Tack Cloth, Sandpaper, Scissors, Ruler

About this Project

Picture this in your favorite room!

  • 1
    Project time does not include neither drying time for the paint, crackle medium, wax nor for the glue to set.
  • 2
    Use sandpaper to smooth out the surface of crate. Wipe away dust with tack cloth.
  • 3
    Paint outer surface of crate with White Adirondack. When dry, apply crackle medium. Let dry thoroughly.
  • 4
    Paint Cascade over crackle medium with messy strokes to enhance the distressed look.
  • 5
    When dry, sand the surfaces and edges. Wipe away dust with tack cloth.
  • 6
    Apply a coat of Clear and let dry thoroughly. Sand to smooth out.
  • 7
    Apply Quick Grip to the inner corners of the crate and to the blocks, then attach the blocks to the corners, matching evenly with the edges to create support for the knobs. Let glue set.
  • 8
    Remove screws from knobs. Paint knobs with White Adirondack. When dry, sand to distress knobs.
  • 9
    Glue knobs to supports using Quick Grip and let glue set.
  • 10
    Turn crate upside down as the bottom will now be the top of the seat.
  • 11
    To make the cushion, sand the edges of the wood piece. Use the wood piece to trace and cut out two pieces of batting. Use spray adhesive to attach the two pieces of batting together. Then attach to the wood piece.
  • 12
    Cut one piece of batting that measures 3 inch more on all sides then the wood piece. Then use this piece to cut the same size piece from the fabric. Adhere the batting and fabric pieces together by using spray adhesive.
  • 13
    Lay the batting side of the wood piece on top of the batting side of the fabric piece. Pull and tighten fabric over bottom of wood. Use hot glue to fabric secure to wood, leaving one side and all four corners open. Use the open side to stuff in fiber until full. Pull and glue open side to wood to close.
  • 14
    Fold corners and pull tightly. Secure fabric on all sides using staple gun.
  • 15
    Apply Quick Grip to the panels of wood and all around the side where the cushion will be attached. Place cushion and hold down by placing a stack of books on top or sitting on the seat until set.
  • 16
    Apply faceted bead trim around the edge of the cushion with fabric glue. When set, glue White crochet trim on top of the band of beaded fringe.