2 Materials Needed:

Plaid FolkArt Multi-Surface Satin Acrylic Paints in Wicker White Bright Pink Vivid Orange Lemon Custard & Cobalt Blue, Rubbing Alcohol Two Wine Glasses & 10” Glass Plate and Several Small Paintbrushes

About this Project

Add a few spots of excitement to your spring dinners. Grab your favorite paint colors and DIY confetti kitchenware.

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  • 1
    Note: Do not let food or drink come into contact with painted areas.
  • 2
    Starting with one color, dip a paintbrush handle into paint and make dots on the glass surfaces.
  • 3
    Switching to the next color, repeat by adding more dots. Continue with each color and let dry.
  • 4
    Clean the glasses and plate with rubbing alcohol and allow them to dry.