8 Materials Needed:

Floral Styrofoam Circle (To Fit Inside Cloche), Moss, 19-Gauge Wire, Wire Cutters, Clip-On Butterflies, Glass Cloche (Sizes Vary), Hot Glue, Hot Glue Gun

About this Project

Bring the spirit of springtime indoors, no matter the weather outside. Capture a beautiful nature scene inside these easy-to-make Butterfly Domes.

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  • 1
    Hot glue the moss onto the Styrofoam circle, making sure the entire surface is covered.
  • 2
    Cut wire into various pieces and lengths, making sure each piece will fit inside the cloche.
  • 3
    Clip the butterflies onto the wire pieces and insert into the Styrofoam base. Once arranged, hot glue the butterflies in place and cover with glass cloche.