3 Materials Needed:

Plaid FolkArt Home Dcor Chalk Paint in Sheepskin Salmon Coral Java & Castle, Walnut Hollow 9 inch x 12 inch Basswood Rectangle Plaque 11 inch x 14 inch Wood Picture Frame Walnut Hollow Clock Kit & Laser Stencil of Your Choice & Fabric Editions 2 yard Fabric 100 Percent Cotton Off White, Drill Glue Sandpaper Nicole Crafts 1/2 inch Stencil Brush Daler-Rowney Simply Simmons Synthetic Acrylic and Multi Media Brush Flat Wash Size 1/2 Foam Plate or Palette Scissors Tape & Pencil

About this Project

Rock around the clock with a clock that really rocks! You'll be surprised how easy it is to create a stylish, stenciled timepiece with Plaid FolkArt Home Décor Chalk Paint and a few other crafting supplies!

  • 1
    Prepare Clock's Backing: Basecoat frame with Java. Basecoat plaque Castle. Let dry. Make an 'x' on back of plaque to find center. Drill hole large enough for shaft of clock works. Paint Sheepskin over entire frame and let dry. Stencil desired pattern onto plaque with Salmon Coral. Start design in center of plaque and work out. Let dry.
  • 2
    Add Clock's Movements: Paint numerals and clock hands with Java. Let dry. Wrap and tape fabric over board insert from frame. Lightly sand frame, plaque and numerals. Glue numerals to plaque as shown. Place fabric-covered board in frame. Trim excess fabric. Find center and cut hole large enough for clock shaft. Glue plaque to fabric-covered board. Insert clock workings and place hands onto front of shaft.