7 Materials Needed:

Frame that is 14" x 18" & Several Different Flowers (we used Ribbon Roses Wax Flowers Lavender Sprays & Burlap English Roses among others), Nicole Crafts 1-1/2" Wide Burlap Ribbon Wood Letter that Fits Inside Frame & Dual Temperature Glue Gun, Sheets of 12" x 12" Decorative Cardstock (we used Authentique's Accomplished), Panacea 22 gauge Cloth Covered Stem Wire, Surebonder Glue Sticks, X-ACTO Craft Knife, Double Stick Tape & Ruler

About this Project

No matter where you put this framed monogram -- your door, your wall, your desk -- it's picture perfect! Pairing a wooden letter with burlap accents and some of the hundreds of colorful flowers available at A.C. Moore gives your décor a beautiful and rustic touch!

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  • 1
    Remove glass from frame. Use the double stick tape to cut and fit 1 piece of the 12" x 12" cardstock to the back board of the frame. Cut a second piece of paper and line up the design so that the seam does not show. Tape this second piece butted up against the first piece.
  • 2
    Insert the backboard into the frame and secure it in place. If you are keeping your finished project indoors, insert the glass back in the frame on top of the cardstock, then glue the wood monogram letter to the glass. If your finished project will hang outdoors, insert the backboard into the frame and secure it in place. Glue the letter directly on top of the cardstock and carefully discard the glass.
  • 3
    Cut the lavender stem apart and glue this to the frame on the left bottom corner forming an “L” shape. Cut 4"” cloth covered stem wires for all burlap and canvas flowers. Bend one end of the wire into a circle and hot glue this to the back of each flower. Blend burlap and canvas flowers into the lavender to create the “L” shape arrangement and hot glue into place. Fill in any gaps with Cream wax flowers and Greens that you hot glue into place.
  • 4
    Make a bow and two 12" long streamers from the burlap ribbon. Glue streamers to top right of picture frame allowing one to drape down right side and the other across the top of the picture frame. Glue bow at corner on top of streamers. Cut a 30”" piece of burlap ribbon and fold in half. Tie a knot 2”" down from fold to form a loop. This is for hanger. Attach the streamers to the back of the picture frame at the top by gluing to back of frame.