4 Materials Needed:

Bottles of DecoArt Americana Multi-Surface Satin Acrylic Paint in Iris Cotton Ball & Canary, Princeton Artist Brush Co. Select Synthetic Brush in Flat Wash 1/2 Liner 1 & Round 4, Palette or Foam Plate Ruler Scissors & Masking Tape, Hair Dryer (optional - see step 1)

About this Project

A new use for a clay saucer -- how refreshing! Create these adorable lemon coasters in two easy steps!

  • 1
    Note: Let paint dry between applications throughout the project. A hair dryer set to low, then applied to the painted areas significantly speeds up this drying time.
    Paint Base: Squeeze each of the paints onto a different section of your foam plate or palette. Use flat brush and Canary to paint inside bottom of saucer. Use flat brush and Iris to paint remainder of saucer.
  • 2
    Add Lemon: Cut masking tape pieces 1 inch in length and cut each into wedge shape. Place pieces of tape in bottom of saucer and secure edges of tape to avoid paint seepage. Use round brush and Cotton Ball to paint over exposed Canary in bottom of saucer; once paint has dried, remove tape wedges. Use liner brush and Cotton Ball to paint seeds of lemon.