Additional Materials:

Cake Pan, Wax Paper, Plastic Cups, Disposable Gloves, Heat Tool (Optional)

About this Project

It's painting, it's pouring, make sure your wall decor isn't boring! Create a chic and shiny resin-poured canvas using your favorite shades of paint and, of course, GLITTER!

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  • 1
    In a well-ventilated area, place a layer of wax paper onto cake pan and set a plastic cup into center. Place blank canvas on top of cup.
  • 2
    Add desired amount of paint and glitter into individual cups. Tip: Keep your color and glitter selection minimal (3-4). You will need to work quickly once resin is mixed.
  • 3
    Mix resin following directions on package. Pour equal parts resin into cups with acrylic paint and glitter and stir together.
  • 4
    Pour a base coat of resin directly onto canvas.
  • 5
    Pour four separate spots or "puddles" of paint onto canvas. Continue adding paint to the puddles until all colors run together in the center of the canvas. Use a craft stick to swirl colors together, and then tilt canvas until paint covers entire surface. Tip: If air bubbles surface, use a heat tool to remove. Let dry according to resin package instructions.