4 Materials Needed:

Glass Jars (with an opening no less than 1/5''), Fabric of Your Choice, Mod Podge, 1'' Sponge Brush

About this Project

Combine plain glass jars with your favorite fabric for stylish, space-saving storage that's perfect on your desk in your dorm room, bedroom, or office.Click here for more dorm decor inspiration!

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  • 1
    Cut your fabric into 1'' wide strips, each the exact height of your jar.
  • 2
    Apply Mod Podge inside of the jar with each strip of fabric. TIP: Do not apply to the entire inside, just apply as you go. Place the fabric strip inside the jar with the design side facing out. Press the fabric down against the jar with your fingers or a sponge brush.
  • 3
    Continue to cover the inside of the jar with fabric strips. TIP: Overlap strips for better coverage. Keep the lid off and let the jar dry completely.