About this Project

Create a keepsake piece of art from a photo! This is a touching project the whole family can do together (even the cat) and makes a great Mother's Day gift.

Create your own, snap a picture, and share using #ACMooreInspired.

  • 1
    Using a photo print of the subject's profile, cut out the silhouette. TIP: You don't have to get every little detail exact; it's ok to just capture the outline of the face.
  • 2
    Cut cardstock to fit canvas and place the silhouette on top of the cardstock. Trace and cut out the silhouette.
  • 3
    Use a sponge brush to apply Mod Podge to the outside of the silhouette, and line up the edges with canvas. TIP: Use a plastic bag to cover your hand and smooth out the surface, this helps to get rid of the bubbles. Finish by brushing Mod Podge over the whole canvas.