Additional Materials:

Small Wood Knob, Nails, Hammer

About this Project

“Hold on, I think I left my wallet inside.” Never again! This hanging wood organizer is perfect to hang right in the entryway, so you remember to leave with all of the necessities.

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  • 1

    Remove center square and attached hooks from hanging plaque with pliers. Discard square or save for another project.

  • 2
    Paint plaque and squares in desired colors. Let dry.
  • 3

    Download template and cut stencil vinyl using your die-cutting machine. Weed off excess vinyl and apply a strip of transfer tape. Transfer vinyl stencil to the plaque and apply onto the surface. Smooth out and remove. Discard transfer tape.

  • 4
    Apply paint to the stencil in chosen colors. Let the paint dry completely, then remove stencil vinyl.
  • 5

    Paint the small knob and let dry. Hammer the knob into the center of the wood plaque (under keys) and set in place. TIP: A small hook or hanging piece can also be applied here.

  • 6

    Carefully trim the handle off of the wood bag with a craft knife. Paint all sides and the inside of the bag with acrylic paint and let dry. Repeat with second wood bag.

  • 7
    Apply painted wood bags to both hanging squares with wood glue. Let fully dry. Attach additional nails if needed.