Additional Materials:

Craft Felt, Dotting Tool

About this Project

It's cats vs. dogs in this crafty showdown! Create the pawfect game for playtime using leftover wine corks, paint, and a little imagination.

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  • 1
    Using a craft knife, cut a small section off the bottom of each cork to make it easier for them to stand upright.
  • 2
    Paint five corks to look like cats and five corks to look like dogs. Use a dotting tool to make the eyes and noses. TIP: Make all five look like the same cat or dog, your own pets, or any desired breed.
  • 3
    Add small felt ears and tails to the animals with hot glue.
  • 4
    Paint the wood plaque green, then add 9 patches of dirt for the playing area. Paint blades of grass around the dirt in random patches.
  • 5
    Add small flowers with the dotting tool for added detail.