11 Materials Needed:

Wood Pallet Sign, Folk Art Outdoor Paint: Geranium, Cotton, Gulf Coast, Paint Brushes, Transfer Paper, Sea Stars, Fishing Net, Scissors, Hot Glue, Pencil

About this Project

Direct from the Redwood Forests (OK—pine forests, to be precise...) this patriotic palette sign was made for you and me.

Create your own, snap a picture, and share using #ACMooreInspired.

  • 1
    Paint wood sign with alternating stripes of red and blue paint.
  • 2
    Print template at desired size. Use transfer paper to place quote onto sign by laying it under you printed template and tracing with a pencil.
  • 3
    Fill in transferred quote with white paint.
  • 4
    Glue sea stars and fishing net onto sign.