22 Materials

Items needed to complete this project.

Plaid Apple Barrel Acrylic Paint 2 oz. Brown Oxide 104107355 (2) Plaid Apple Barrel Acrylic Paint 2 oz. Bright Magenta 104107398 Plaid Stiffy 8 oz. Fabric Stiffener 104263141 (2) Balloon Fabric Pieces (such as Fabric Editions 2 Yard Fabric 100 Percent Cotton Bright Pink 104549173 and/or Fabric Editions 2 Yard Fabric 65/35 Cotton/Poly Copen Blue 104542552 and/or Fabric Pallette Fat Quarters Solids 104763130) Main Line Pottery Standard Clay Pot 4 inch 104186523 FloraCraft Styrofoam Brand Foam Ball 2 pc. 4 inch 104183639 Lara's Crafts New Image Company 5/8 inch Wood Candle Cup Hole 2 pc. 104139636 Nicole Crafts Wood Dowel 1/4 inch x 36 inch 104146700 Coordinating Piece of 12 inch x 12 inch Cardstock Darice 3 ply 28-1/2 lb Natural Jute Daler-Rowney Simply Simmons Synthetic Acrylic and Multi Media Brush Flat Wash Size 1/2 104118912 Blumenthal Lansing Favorite Findings Big Bag of Buttons Rainbow 104544168 Sharpie Permanent Paint Marker Fine Point Black 104128524 (optional - see step 8) X-ACTO Precision Instruments No. 1 Knife 104135101 (optional - see step 9) Nicole Crafts Dual Temperature Trigger Glue Gun 104180411 Surebonder All Purpose Stik Glue Sticks 4 inch 50 pc. 104737928 Scissors Toothpick Paper Plates Palette or Foam Plate Water Basin

Plaid Apple Barrel Mod Podge Hot Air Balloon

Kristen Jones, Plaid

This whimsical hot air balloon is the perfect centerpiece for your next birthday party!

  • 1
    Project time does not include drying time for neither the paint nor the Stiffy.
  • 2
    Blow up balloon and hang up side down.
  • 3
    Cut fabric pieces into small squares. Cut curves into the ends of your top color pieces to create scallop edge as shown.
  • 4
    Apply pieces to balloon using Stiffy. Work your way to small end of balloon and leave an opening. Let dry referring to bottle instructions.
  • 5
    Paint clay pot, dowel rod and toothpick Brown Oxide. Paint candle cup Bright Magenta.
  • 6
    Cut a circle from cardstock large enough to insert inside pot as shown. Poke a hole in center to accommodate dowel rod.
  • 7
    Cut a small flag from cardstock as shown. Fold around toothpick and secure with glue.
  • 8
    Pop the balloon when fabric is thoroughly stiffened and remove. (Option: use Sharpie to personalize balloon with name for a specific occasion.)
  • 9
    Glue one of the Styrofoam balls in bottom of pot (Tip: if needed, use craft knife to trim). Insert dowel rod and then place round cardstock circle over rod into pot.
  • 10
    Place a glob of glue at the top of dowel rod and place stiffened fabric balloon over rod. Let dry thoroughly.
  • 11
    Cut lengths of jute and tie two lengths through smaller buttons that are then glued around rim of pot.
  • 12
    Pull jute pieces up around balloon as shown and secure with glue.
  • 13
    Glue buttons over jute ends.
  • 14
    Insert toothpick into candle cup and glue to top of balloon.