About this Project

Make waves with this mermaid-themed dreamcatcher featuring seashells, lace, and glitter!

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  • 1
    Separate embroidery hoop. Paint entire hoop in one coat and let dry. On second coat, cover with glitter while still wet. Let hoops fully dry. Cover with Mod Podge if desired.
  • 2
    Cut ribbon, lace, yarn and strands of pearls and shells to desired length for hanging. Hot glue each strand to the bottom of the outer hoop. Let dry.
  • 3
    Cut 12" piece of deco mesh. Place directly on top of inner hoop. While holding the mesh down, place the outer hoop (with attached hangings) on top, and firmly press down to secure. Screw top of embroidery hoop to close and tighten. Cut excess mesh from outside of hoop.
  • 4
    Apply paint and glitter to various shells and starfish. Let dry.
  • 5
    Apply shells, pearls, and starfish to bottom center of hoop, building upward in a symmetrical pattern. Cover entire section of tied yarn and part of deco mesh with pearls and shells. Let dry. Apply starfish to strand of yarn with hot glue and let dry.