Additional Materials:

Crepe Paper, Embroidery Hoop, Boxwood Teeny Lights, Acrylic Paint, Small Styrofoam Balls, Food-Safe Dowel, Wire Cutters, Hot Glue, Paint Brush

About this Project

Don't run around in circles looking for the perfect cake topper! Create this lovely light-up design using an embroidery hoop and delicate crepe paper flowers.

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  • 1
    Create crepe paper flowers.

  • 2
    Take embroidery hoop apart. Hot glue battery pack to inner hoop. Let dry.
  • 3
    Wrap teeny lights around hoop. Secure with hot glue. TIP: Leave the switch for the lights exposed so you can turn them on and off.
  • 4
    Hot glue crepe paper flowers in desired pattern.
  • 5
    Cut dowel to size before attaching to hoop. Dowel should be the height of the cake plus 2 inches to accommodate wreath decorations. Hot glue to base of embroidery hoop. Let dry.