Additional Materials:

Satin, Felt, Fabric Scissors, Heat'n Bond, Iron, Sewing Machine, Poly-Fil, Embroidery Floss, Embroidery Needle, Sewing Pins, Black Braided Elastic

About this Project

Having a ruff time getting to sleep? Slip on an adorable animal sleep mask inspired by kawaii, the Japanese culture of cuteness.

  • 1
    Set iron to medium heat. Iron all fabric and felt before cutting. Print, trace and cut template onto fabric and felt, or cut using a Cricut machine. Cut out all shapes in felt. Cut two of the large mask shapes, one from satin and one from felt.
  • 2
    Place both felt and satin fabrics together. Cut 10" of braided elastic and pin into the inside of the mask, with the ends poking out of both sides. Pin all fabrics together. Sew a straight stitch along the entire mask, leaving the bottom center of the mask open. Remove all pins and flip mask to the right side. Press with iron and let cool.
  • 3
    Cut Heat'n Bond out into shapes that correspond with the felt details (eyes, nose, etc.) and iron onto backside of felt, with the shiny side facing down. Press down for a few seconds with iron, then let cool. Peel off the paper backside of the Heat'n Bond, flip over, and apply to desired area. Place all felt elements onto face and adhere with iron. Once everything is placed, flip the entire mask over and gently iron the back of the mask to set everything in place.
  • 4
    Stuff Poly-Fil into the inside of the mask. Seal the bottom of the mask with a ladder stitch, and secure in place.

    To create a ladder stitch, start at one end of the opening. Tie a thick knot onto the end of the embroidery floss. Insert needle inside the fabric and pull out to mask the knot. Pinch the folds of the opening together and insert the needle into the right side of the fold. Once through, insert the needle directly across the opening to the other fold. Make a small, equal stitch along the inside fold on the left side. Pull it through toward the center and bring both folds together. Repeat on both sides, continuing the stitch. At the end of the opening, tie a small knot and tuck into the fabric.