Additional Materials:

Cotton Onesie, Tulip Tie-Dye, Washable Marker, Poster Board, Plastic Bag

About this Project

Let your little one know they hold your whole heart! Create a colorful tie-dye onesie with tips from iLovetoCreate.

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  • 1
    Fill dye bottles with water.
  • 2
    Cut out heart template using poster board.
  • 3
    Submerge onesie in water and wring out excess water.
  • 4
    Fold damp onesie in half. Place heart along center fold of shirt and outline heart shape using washable marker.
  • 5
    Tightly pleat fabric along marker line. Put a rubber band around marker line to bind pleated fabric.
  • 6
    Add dye to fabric on one of the sides of the rubber band and a different color to the other side.
  • 7
    Cover dyed fabric with plastic wrap. Let set 6 to 8 hours, rinse thoroughly and wash separately.
  • 8
    Launder according to dye instructions.