Additional Materials:

Lime Metallic Mesh, Lime Metallic Mesh Ribbon, White Iridescent Mesh Ribbon, Red Metallic Mesh Ribbon, White Iridescent Mesh Tubing, Lime Mesh Tubing, Floral Greening Pins, Hot Temp Glue Pot, Hot Temp Glue Chips, Styrofoam Ball, Styrofoam Sheet, Black Foamtastic Foam Sheet, White Foamtastic Foam Sheet, Black, White & Green Chenille Stems, Wood Dowel, Foam Cutter Scissors

About this Project

You'll have the best dressed door on the block with this Deco Mesh Hummingbird!

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  • 1
    Download and print out attached template; enlarge to scale as desired. Cut the Styrofoam sheet into shape shown.
  • 2
    Cut dowel into two 8" lengths.
  • 3
    Cut Styrofoam ball in half. You will need to connect the 1/2 ball and the cut sheet (head and body shape) together with the two dowels. Determine placement and carefully insert dowels. Remove dowels and dip both ends of dowels in hot glue and reinsert into head and body pieces. Make sure they fit together tightly.
  • 4
    Cover back of head and body with piece of Lime Deco Mesh, attaching to Styrofoam with greening pins with the ends of the pins dipped in hot glue.
  • 5
    To add Deco Mesh ribbon to head and body, refer to color guide on diagram. Starting with head first, create small loops (approximately 1 inch high) that are attached with greening pins dipped in hot glue. Work the loops into the Styrofoam tightly.
  • 6
    When working on the body, start on the outside edges and work toward the top of the body.
  • 7
    Create 2 loops with the 21" Lime Deco Mesh that is about 9" high. Insert with greening pins dipped in hot glue to create the hummingbird's wings.
  • 8
    Insert white and green chenille stems into white and lime mesh tubing. Attach to tail with greening pins dipped in glue. Trim to assorted lengths to create the look of tail feathers.
  • 9
    Cut a 2" circle from white foam sheet and a 1.75" inch circle from black foam sheet. Glue together and onto the head for eye.
  • 10
    For beak, cut dowel to approximately 7". Use permanent marker or paint to color black. Coil black chenille stems around the dowel leaving an inch to insert into head, dipping end in hot glue.
  • 11
    Create a loops from a chenille stem and glue attach to the back of the wreath as a hanger with greening pins dipped in hot glue.