Additional Materials:

Balsa Wood, Basswood

About this Project

Serve up style at your next dinner party! Create a hand-painted geometric serving tray featuring a custom design from the A.C. Moore Craftologists. When the party's over, use the tray as a trendy centerpiece on your dining room table or as a coffee table catch-all for coasters and remotes.

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  • 1
    Apply stain to entire wood tray and wipe away excess. Let dry.
  • 2
    Cut balsa wood to fit inside of tray with a craft knife. Apply wood glue to bottom of tray and press down balsa wood. Weigh down and let fully dry.
  • 3

    Download and print attached template. Apply strip of basswood to StrongGrip mat, and firmly secure with masking tape. Insert Knife Blade into Cricut Maker and cut out template. The template can also be printed and cut using a craft knife.

    TIP: For added interest, follow template to cut pieces that align with wood grain.

  • 4
    Paint each strip in various stains, dyes, and chalk paint. Let dry.
  • 5
    Using template as a guide, reassemble design and glue onto tray. Place weight onto pieces to prevent warping. Let dry. Apply coat of satin varnish to wood tray and let dry.