Additional Materials:

6" Azalea Pot, 6" Clay Saucer, 8" Clay Pot, 8" Clay Saucer, (2) 3" Clay Pots, (2) 3" Clay Saucers, (4) 2.25" Clay Pot, (2) 1.5" Clay Pot, Black Craft Foam, (2) 20mm Googly Eyes, Paint Brushes, E6000 Glue, Hot Glue, Masking Tape

About this Project

What's black and white and cute all over? Pandas! Create an adorable panda bear family using clay pots!

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  • 1

    Glue the 6 clay saucer to the top of the 6 azalea pot to form head. Glue the 8 clay pot and the 8 clay saucer to form body. To create legs, glue a 3 clay pot and a 3 clay saucer together. Once secure, glue a 2.25 clay pot to the bottom of the 3 pot at a slight angle. Repeat for second leg. To create arms, glue a 1.5 clay pot to the bottom of a 2.25 clay pot at a slight angle. Repeat for second arm. Let dry.

    TIP: Use both E6000 glue and hot glue to adhere the clay pots and saucers. The hot glue will secure the pots in place while the E6000 glue dries.

  • 2
    Paint the head and body white, and the arms and legs black. On the top of the body (narrow end of the pot) paint a black rounded shape that dips lower on the sides and slightly higher in the back.
  • 3
    Paint the face onto the head. With the 6 saucer on the bottom, paint a black rounded triangle on the rim of the azalea pot for the nose. On either side of the nose, paint a black bean shape for eyes. Hot glue googly eyes into the bean shapes.
  • 4
    Cut four 3 circles of black craft foam. Glue one circle of foam to the open end of each arm.
  • 5
    Glue the remaining two circles of felt to the top of the head to create ears. Fold the circle in half, and glue back half of circle to the top of the head.
  • 6

    Use hot glue and E6000 to glue the head to the top of the body. Glue legs and arms onto body.

    TIP: Use masking tape to hold arms and legs in place while glue dries.

  • 7

    To create baby panda, follow assembly instructions using the smaller pots listed below:

    Head: (1) 3 Clay Pot, (1) 3 Clay Saucer

    Body: (1) 4 Clay Pot, (1) 4 Clay Saucer

    Arms and Legs: (4) 1.5 Clay Pot

    Black craft foam cut into (6) 2 circles.