Additional Materials:

Wilton Color Right Performance Color System, White Ready to Use Decorator Icing (4-1/2 lb. Tub), Black Icing Pouch with Tips & Decorating Tip No. 32, Measuring Cup, Serving Platter or Cake Board, Cornstarch, Your Favorite Cupcake Recipe

About this Project

Create both the perfect holiday table centerpiece and a tasty Christmas treat for all of your family and friends. This Santa face cupcake cake is ideal for holiday parties.

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Use Color Right base colors and QuickCount color formulas to tint icing:

Pastel Orange: 2 cups white icing + 1 C + 2 Y

Summer Red: 2 cups white icing + 35 R + 7 O

Reserve remaining white icing.

  • 1

    Bake Cupcakes

    Line muffin pan with baking cups and prepare batter following recipe.

    Bake cupcakes following recipe. Allow to cool on grid.

  • 2

    Arrange Cupcakes

    On serving platter or cake board, place cupcakes as close together as possible in an oval shape, with a single cupcake at the top and at the bottom and 4-5 cupcakes at the widest point in the center.

  • 3

    Decorate Cupcakes

    Using tip 2A and pastel orange icing, cover the center cupcakes; smooth with spatula. Pipe a pastel orange ball nose; pat smooth with finger dipped in cornstarch. Use black icing pouch to pipe dot eyes; pat smooth. Pipe summer red mouth, and then use spatula to smooth.

    Use tip 32 and white icing to pipe elongated shell eyebrows and mustache; pipe swirls on cupcakes surrounding the lower portion of the face to make the beard. Use tip 1M and White icing to pipe swirls above the eyes for hat cuff and pom pom. Use tip 32 and summer red icing to pipe rosettes on cupcakes to cover the remaining hat area.