16 Materials Needed:

Large Cookie Sheet, Comfort Grip Bunny and Egg Cutter, 3-piece Spring Cookie Cutter, 3-piece Lamb, Bunny and Chick Cookie Cutter Set, Cooling Grid, Color Flow Mix, Color Flow Icing Recipe (available at wilton.com), Disposable Decorating Bags, Violet, Royal Blue, Rose, and Moss Green Icing, Round Decorating Tip 2, Round Decorating Tip 3, Favorite Roll-Out Cookie Recipe

About this Project

Make a batch of Easter treats for some-bunny special! Create shades of lavender and violet by combining Rose and Royal Blue icing.

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  • 1
    Make cookies. Prepare cookie dough following recipe instructions. Using the Comfort Grip cutters and cookie cutter sets, cut out, bake and cool cookies.
  • 2
    Make icing. Prepare 2 cups Color Flow icing according to package instructions.

    Prepare decorating bag with tip 3 and Color Flow icing; outline cookies. Thin remaining icing; flow in. Let cookies dry overnight.
  • 3
    Decorate cookies. Prepare 1 cup Color Flow icing according to package instructions. Divide into three parts. Using color combinations provided, tint one part icing lavender and one part icing violet. Using Moss Green icing color, tint remaining part green.

    Prepare decorating bag with tip 2 and green icing. Pipe stems for flowers.

    Prepare decorating bag with tip 2. Stripe bag with lavender and violet icing. Pipe flowers and dots on cookies.

    NOTE: Combine Violet and Royal Blue icing colors to get lavender color shown. Combine Violet and Rose icing colors to get violet color shown.