2 Materials Needed:

Wilton Filling Tip No. 230 Decorating Tips No. 3 5 103 & 14 Standard Baking Cups in Neon Floral Recipe Right 12-cavity Muffin Pan 10" x 16" Cooling Grid Ready-To-Use Decorator White Icing Color Right Performance Color System 12" Disposable Decorating Bags & Standard Coupler, Lemon Curd Filling (optional - see step 3) & Your Favorite Cupcake Recipe

About this Project

Sunny, bright cupcakes are the perfect dessert to serve at parties, cookouts, showers and other special events – no matter what the weather! Use the Wilton Color Right Performance Color System for the Citrus Yellow icing on these treats. With or without the tart lemon curd filling, they’'re sure to please!

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  • 1
    Bake and Cool Cupcakes: Place a Yellow baking cup into each one of the muffin pan's cavities. Prepare five cups batter following recipe instructions, then pour it into baking cups. Follow recipe instructions to bake cupcakes, then cool on the grid. Note: Project time does not include this baking and cooling time.
  • 2
    Prepare icing: Reserve two cups White icing. Then use the Color Right Base Colors and Quick Count color formulas to tint a different two cups of White icing:
    Yellow = (formula 3935) 6 Y
  • 3
    Decorate Lemon Curd Cupcakes: Use tip 230, a disposable decorating bag and lemon curd to fill cupcakes after they have cooled. Pipe a White icing circle around inside edge of cupcake; pipe eight section lines from circle to center of cupcake. Pipe tip 5 Yellow icing beads inside each section. Pipe a Yellow icing circle around edge of cupcake.
  • 4
    Decorate Blazing Yellow Ruffled Cupcakes:Prepare separate disposable decorating bags with tip 103 and Yellow and White icing (use coupler with White icing bag). Pipe alternating rows of Yellow and White ruffles around cupcake top. Place tip 14 on White icing bag; pipe three stars in center of cupcake.

    Five cups of batter makes about 24 cupcakes.