Additional Materials:

Circular Fondant Cutters, Mini Circular Fondant Cutter, Sprinkles Of Your Choice (Optional), Buttercream Icing, Gel Food Coloring, Mixing Bowl, Cornstarch, Cupcakes, Brown Fondant

About this Project

We can bear-ly contain our excitement for these fondant woodland cupcakes! These sweet creatures are perfect for a teddy bear birthday or shower.

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  • 1

    Place parchment paper onto table. Sprinkle a little cornstarch onto the paper, rolling pin and hands. Roll out brown fondant.

  • 2

    Determine the size of the cupcake and use the circular fondant cutter to cut out a circle that will cover the top of the cupcake.

  • 3

    Use a mini circle fondant cutter and punch out 2 circles. Use the modeling stick to form ears from those circles. Punch out white fondant for the snout. Create eyes and nose from black fondant. Place a small amount of water onto the back of the fondant shapes to “glue” them together.

  • 4

    Color icing with gel food coloring and pipe decorative flowers. Optional: add sprinkles.

  • 5
    Ice the cupcakes and add a cute finished teddy bear to each!