17 Materials Needed:

Wilton Icing Color 1 oz. Delphinium Blue 104103409, Wilton Icing Color 1 oz. Royal Blue 104103417, Wilton Icing Color 1 oz. Kelly Green 104103421, Wilton Icing Color 1 oz. Violet 104103416, Wilton Icing Color 1 oz. Burgundy 104103418, Wilton Icing Color 1 oz. Red-Red 104103424, Wilton Icing Color 1 oz. Ivory 104103406, Wilton Icing Color 1 oz. Golden Yellow 104103403, Wilton Easy Layers Cake Pan Set 104816364, Wilton 10 inch x 16 inch Cooling Grid 104106022, Wilton Ready-To-Use Decorator White Icing 4-1/2 lb. 104105016, Wilton Angled Spatula 9 inch 104106122, Wilton Disposable Decorating Bags 12 inch 104105894, Wilton Decorating Tip No. 1M 104103107, Your Favorite White Cake Mix or Recipe, Food-Safe Scissors, Cake Plate

About this Project

Wilton makes layered cakes easy!

  • 1
    Project time does not include the time needed neither to bake nor cool cakes.
  • 2
    Prepare batter following recipe directions. Divide batter into five equal portions. Tint portions of batter Blue, Green, Violet, Red and Ivory. (Tip: Delphinium Blue with Royal Blue for Blue shown. Combine Kelly Green with Royal Blue for Green shown. Combine Violet with Burgundy for Violet shown. Combine Ivory with Golden Yellow for Ivory shown.) Bake and cool cake layers in pan set according to pan package directions.
  • 3
    Tint about 1-1/4 cup icing in each of the following colors: Blue, Green, Violet, Red and Ivory. Place Blue layer on cake plate. Use spatula and Blue icing to ice top smooth. Repeat to stack and ice Green, Violet, Red and Ivory layers with matching icing.
  • 4
    For top Ivory layer, use spatula to swirl icing. Reserve remaining icing.
  • 5
    Use tip 1M, cut disposable decorating bags and tinted icings to separately pipe two lines in matching color around each cake layer.