Additional Materials:

White Decorator Icing , Roll-Out Cookie Dough, 2.5 Cups Cake Batter, Leaf Fondant Cut-Outs Set

About this Project

Your guests will go WILD for this foxy cake! Decorated with various rosettes, this one-layer cake is perfect for your next party.

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  • 1
    Bake cake: Prepare cake mix following recipe instructions. Bake and cool single layer cake.
  • 2

    To make ears, prepare cookie dough following recipe instructions. Using largest leaf cut-out, cut out two cookies. Flip one cookie over so cookies mirror each other. Bake and cool.

    TIP: Cut and bake remaining cookie dough. Decorate and serve alongside cake for party or celebration.

  • 3
    Using white icing and spatula, ice cake smooth. Ice cookies smooth. Using toothpick, mark outline of fox face.
  • 4
    Combine Orange and Red-Red icing colors to get dark orange color shown. Tint 1.5 cups icing dark orange using color combinations provided. Using black icing color, tint 1/4 cup icing black.
  • 5
    Prepare two decorating bags separately with tips 18 and 199. Fill both bags with dark orange icing. Using tip 18 bag, pipe rosettes along edge of ears. Insert 2 in. of lollipop sticks into cake where ears will go. Ice back of ears and lay on top of sticks. Pipe rosettes, alternating bags, to fill in head and nose of fox. Prepare decorating bag with Coupler and black icing. Using tip 8, pipe eyes and nose. Using tip 2, pipe eyelashes.