Additional Materials:

Small Wood Crates, 3x38" Balsa Wood, Craft Knife, Stencil Vinyl, Transfer Tape

About this Project

Turn a wooden crate into something great! Keep your books and magazines organized with a stenciled DIY hanging storage box.

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  • 1

    Paint all wood crates in desired colors. Let dry.

  • 2
    Cut the balsa wood into 9.5 strips. Layer 3 strips together with wood glue. Apply pressure by placing a book or heavy object on top of the stack. Let dry.
  • 3

    Download template.

    Print, trace and cut from stencil vinyl. Transfer stencil to the center of the wood plank and remove transfer tape. Apply paint to letters in various colors. Let dry and remove stencil.

  • 4
    Place the wood crate on its side, standing vertically. Glue the balsa plank to the bottom of the crate. Let dry.