About this Project

Row, row, row, your boat... right up to this hand-painted birdhouse! Your feathered friends will look picture-perfect perched atop this nautical-themed outdoor home.

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  • 1
    Mix one part Snow White acrylic paint with three parts Bright Blue paint. Apply two light coats to birdhouse, covering all sides. Let dry. Lightly sand edges of birdhouse to create a weathered look.
  • 2
    Buoys: Cut small strips of painters tape; wrap around cork stopper, creating patterns of stripes. Apply various shades of acrylic paint to 14 stoppers, all in coordinating colors and patterns. Cut out 14 strips of the Balsa Wood strip, each measuring 1/4" in height. Repeat painting and color-blocking on strips. Let dry and set aside. Make a small incision into the middle of the larger end of the stopper, and remove excess cork. Apply hot glue to the tip of the strip, then place into incision. Let dry. Cut the eyepin down to 1/4, then reinforce the eyepin into the other end of the stopper with pliers. Set all buoys aside.
  • 3
    Cut out 8.5 x 14 of fishing net. Spray with two coats of white spray paint from a safe distance. Let dry. Evenly place and set the net onto the roof of the birdhouse, covering the underside of the eaves. Adhere the edges of the netting into the underside of the roof with hot glue. Let dry.
  • 4
    Trace two paddles onto balsa wood plank and cut out with craft knife. Sand to smooth out edges. Paint the paddles using True Red and Indian Turquoise paint. Once dry, add strips of white paint. Let dry.
  • 5
    Glue the paddles to the top center of the birdhouse. Glue accessories to base of the birdhouse. Let dry.
  • 6
    Connect buoys to netting. Open the connector of the eyepin with pliers, then attach on to the netting. Close the eyepin to secure in place. Apply the buoys to both sides of the roof, and the front of the roof, below the paddles.