Additional Materials:

Disposable Cups

About this Project

Splash into summer with a beachy custom wall hanging! Create a pretty paint-poured scene using Premiere acrylic paint and Liquitex pouring medium.

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  • 1
    Cover work surface and put on gloves. Place cooling rack inside cake pan and place canvas onto tray. TIP: Line cake pan with foil or a silicone mat for easy clean-up.
  • 2
    Mix equal parts acrylic paint and Liquitex into cups. If the paint does not flow easily, add more pouring medium.
  • 3
    Combine all colors for ocean in a single cup to create a marbling effect. Start with a base color and slowly add small amounts of different colors. Continue layering different paint colors into cup. Do not stir paint. Repeat this step for the sand colors.
  • 4
    Pour a small amount of white paint mixture across canvas to create a border for beach. Pour a small amount of white to top of the canvas to create waves.
  • 5
    Pour ocean colors above and between the lines of white to create a breaking wave effect. Pour the sand cup below the lowest line of white to create the beach.
  • 6
    Tilt canvas in different directions to cover entire surface.
  • 7
    Use paint knife to feather white sand and wave lines. Use side of knife to scrape and mix colors. Add more white paint as needed.
  • 8
    Add small shells along the beach while paint is still wet. Let dry.