Metallic Colored Pencil Set - 12 pc

Three Sixty

Metallic Colored Pencil Set - 12 pc

by Spectrum Noir


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Why not mix your metals! Colored pencils are one of the most versatile coloring mediums on the market. Despite the rise of many, many new coloring mediums, colored pencils have stood the test of time.A fun twist on this old classic is Metallic Pencils. Spectrum Noir have release a fun eclectic set of of richly pigmented Metallic Pencils. These pencils are highly pigmented and have a velvety texture which provide superior blending with an outstanding tonal range. In addition, they are bold and highly reflective making them perfect for use on darker papers. This is where these bad boys shine! These metallic pencils are perfect for any artist because of their versatility, being able to be used alone or with markers as well and with mixed media. They are absolutely perfect for all kinds of art, illustration, sketching and design.
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