Art Claybord - Uncradled - 3 pc

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Art Claybord - Uncradled - 3 pc 5" x 7"

by Ampersand Art Supply


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Product Details

The mineral-coated, pH neutral surface of Claybord can be easily manipulated, erased, and reworked. Use any media from pencil to oils. Remove pigment with scratch tools to expose the white surface which becomes part of the finished work. The cradled version of Claybord features 3/4" and 2" supports that are glued flush with the back edge of the panel. The cradle provides extra support while giving the panel depth and dimension, making it ready to hang on the wall. The birch plywood cradles can be left unfinished or treated easily with wood stain, gesso or paint.

Item Details

  • 5" x 7"
  • 1/8" Profile
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