Prism Opaque Projector

Three Sixty

Prism Opaque Projector

by Artograph


Product Details

Artograph's prism projector is an opaque projector. It can enlarge or reduce images you find on opaque surfaces like drawings, photos or pages from a book or a magazine. These images are then projected on a wall, work surface or table top so they can be redrawn at a different scale. The prism projector uses two photo quality bulbs to produce 500 watts of white bright lighting. The lens in the prism can be reversed for enlargement or reduction. It can enlarge up to 20 times the size of the original and can reduce to 80 percent of the original. The glass copy area is 7" x 7" and is top loading. This package contains one 12" x 12" projector. Made in USA.
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