Select Artiste™ Brush - Scumbler

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Select Artiste™ Brush - Scumbler Size 2

by Princeton Artist Brush Co.™


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Created by the fine craftsmen of Princeton, in partnership with well-known artist Willow Wolfe, Select Artiste™ is a vast line of 29 distinct shapes, 108 individual brushes created for oil, acrylic and watercolor artists. Now you can explore traditional and avant-garde techniques on nearly any surface. Satin-finish jewel tone blue handles and silver ferrules make Select Artiste™ as beautiful to look at as it is to paint with! A scumbler has a round belly with hair that domes at the top center. The natural-hair bristles in the scumbler have good spring and snap. This brush is commonly used for drybrushing, which allows the artist to scrub shade and highlight. To drybrush, fully load the scumbler and then remove paint from the outer bristles by wiping on a paper towel. Use light pressure to apply shading and highlights.
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