Gesso - 8 oz - Neutral Gray #5

Three Sixty

Gesso - 8 oz - Neutral Gray #5

by Liquitex®


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Product Details

A pre-mixed neutral gray acrylic ground to prepare your surface and add instant color!

Item Details

  • Contains a blend of pigments to give a matte neutral grey, opaque base which instantly eliminates your surface color and allows you to build depth
  • Primes surfaces and adds a high level of tooth for maximum color adhesion and stability
  • Stiffens your canvases and creates the optimum absorbency for paint application, providing a professional standard, archival base to help maintain the longevity of your work
  • Establishes a suitable surface for preliminary charcoal or pencil drawings
  • Always use a quality artist's gesso if you want a lasting, archival base - a low-cost ground will flake and separate from your support, taking your work with it. With proper application and under the right conditions, a professional gesso like this will last generations
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