Artisan Water Mixable Enhancement - 75 mL - Thinner

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Artisan Water Mixable Enhancement - 75 mL - Thinner

by Winsor & Newton™


Product Details

Oils, mediums, varnishes and solvents are the perfect complement to Winsor & Newton color ranges, allowing you to control, enhance and protect your work. Exploring these will open a world of possibilities!

Item Details

  • This thinner has been specially developed to maintain the oily feel & keeps Artisan color open longer than water
  • Although water is suitable as a diluent for the color, its speedy evaporation can make the color thicken upon the palette much quicker than conventional oil color would when used with turpentine
  • As Artisan thinner does not form an emulsion with the color, there is less color change than there would be with water
  • Low odour
  • Can be cleaned up with water
  • Can be combined with Artisan oils to prepare mediums
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