A.C. Moore & The Crayon Initiative
Recycling unwanted crayons into unlimited possibilities!
With the help of our generous customers, A.C. Moore has collected over 70,000 pounds of unwanted crayons since 2017. These crayons will create 350,000 packs of new crayons for children's hospitals!
A.C. Moore is a proud partner and official collection location for The Crayon Initiative (TCI)! The Crayon Initiative recycles used, broken and unwanted crayons into new ones, and provides them to children’s hospitals throughout the country. These unique crayon packs are used by child life specialists to spark creativity and imagination for hospitalized children.

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We collected over 20,000 pounds of unwanted crayons for The Crayon Initiative!
• One pound of unwanted crayons is recycled into 5 new packs. 
• Since 2015, TCI has produced more than 275,000 new packs of crayons.
• Crayon packs are donated to 245 children’s hospitals across the country.
• To date, TCI has prevented over 220,000 of pounds of wax from going to landfills.
Founder & Executive Director
"With the support of dedicated partners like A.C. Moore, The Crayon Initiative has grown at a phenomenal pace. Recently, we secured a brand new facility that allows us to increase by tens of thousands the number of hospitalized children we supply with remanufactured crayons,” said Founder & Executive Director Bryan Ware, “But there's so much more we want to accomplish. We look forward to continuing our partnership with A.C. Moore as we strive to preserve the environment, while delivering joy & inspiration to children in need."
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