Our History
Create More, Share More, Save More.™
A.C. Moore is a specialty retailer offering a vast selection of arts, crafts and floral merchandise to a broad demographic of customers. We opened the first A.C. Moore store in Moorestown, New Jersey in 1985, and have since grown to more than 140 stores. Our stores are located in the Eastern United States from Maine to Florida. We are devoted to being our customers’ first choice for product selection, value and service that inspires and fulfills unlimited creative possibilities. We currently have offices and distribution centers in Berlin and Moorestown, NJ, Chicago, IL, as well as Ningbo, China.
Our Vision
Global Community
Creativity to the people!
A.C. Moore believes in the right 
to creative self-expression
and supports the ambitions of
creative people everywhere.
If imagination and reality had a
meet-up, it would be at A.C. Moore.
We strive to create a transportive,
abundant experience that breathes life
into ideas, gives us wonder,
and inspires new thinking.
By crafters, for crafters. We are
bonded to our customer community
with a shared passion for making things
and the process of creation.
Our Values
All-Purpose Glue:
People & Our Community
The human bond is the strongest glue there is. Act with empathy, be generous of spirit and stick together. We’re crafting a better world!
Knitting Needles:
Collaboration & Teamwork
Magic happens when two pointy sticks work together. If one drops a stitch, the other picks it up; every stitch makes us stronger. When we all follow the same pattern, we can weave a beautiful blanket of warmth and achievement.
Blank Canvas:
What are you going to make next? Let’s try something new! Something bold, simply stunning, innovative, or totally off-the-wall. Let’s be cheerleaders for our customers achieving their creative ambitions, and let’s challenge ourselves to approach our business with the same originality and curiosity.
Glitter & Shine:
We’re go-getters. We hustle. Each of us must – and can – make a difference. When you see the need for something extra, go ahead and add the glitter. Make the whole world sparkle!
Bloom Forever:
Inspire Change
Every season brings its own flowers. We are restless visionaries, knowing the garden is a work in progress and continually planting for the future. New discoveries bloom from the seeds of curiosity and courage.